Small quite immaculate hotel in Darlington



This is a new hotel in Darlington. When I say new, it’s a totally renovated Georgian building in the centre of town on a small quite side...

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Meet for coffee in Darlington

Outside photo


Fortunately I visited The Croft Hotel to attend a business network meeting with Network North. The coffee is soo good. I admit I only knew...

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The Gresham Hotel Dublin opens Ireland’s largest Penthouse Suite

The Gresham Hotel Dublin


Gresham Hotels announces the opening of Ireland’s largest ever Penthouse Suite.  The group named after hotelier Thomas Gresham is one of...

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Service VW or Audi in Darlington



If you own a VAG car and a lot of us do. Here is a way to get dealer service at a
lower cost. VAG cars are VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Its...

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Where To Advertise Your Car For Sale





Where to advertise your car.

I’ve just tried three advertising options: Auto Trader, EBay Motors and Gum...

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Moo logo green cropped2


Ive been meaning to recommend for some time. Because of this:

Last year I ordered some business cards through and I forgot...

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The Cartridge People (Group) Ltd

Cartridge People


Ive just saved myself a load of time. I ordered from The Cartridge People (Group) Ltd, which I found with a Google...

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Lawn Mower Repair | Lawn Mower Sales



I must commend the service I received today from Lloyd's. My lawn mower handle broke after three years of use and they contacted the manufacturer...

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Printing, branding and design in Cheshire

ScreenHunter 01 Feb. 15 15.30


When you are starting out in business you need a lot of things - a web site is essential nowadays, business cards, stationery etc, the list seems...

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Locksmith, Bedfordshire, 24 hour call out.



Sadly I came back from holiday last year and found that I had been broken into. I needed a locksmith in a hurry to make my property safe. By...

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