Sunday Lunch near Darlington

Walworth Castle

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Category: Recreation Date: 19/09/2012 Location: Darlington, Co Durham Tags: sunday lunch, Darlington, Walworth Castle

Walworth Castle

It’s always magical as you drive to Walworth Castle Hotel because it really is a castle, a castle with turrets and flags.

Located just outside Darlington, I drive nearby, yet I keep forgetting to go. I have visited on and off over the years for the carvery. Winter, towards Christmas is a favorite time to visit. Its quite beautiful inside with the log fire and outside with the castle views. Absolutely delightful country drive and lunch.

The food is good, great meats, no skimping, plenty of veg, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. During the week they do a carvery for £6. Sundays its £8.50. It’s not rock bottom price but a very fair value-for-money hearty lunch. You know; when you consider the cost of meat and the time to cook a lunch it’s only a few more Pounds to dine out on a Sunday.

It was crowded and slightly manic when we arrived last Sunday. Queue at the bar – where you pay for your carvery -  and a little crushed.  I was stood next to a family eating lunch while at the bar. They don’t want a frustrated grumpy man next to them while they have their family lunch. We hover looking for a table when my brave wife asked a passing waitress if we could get a table. Quick as a flash a young chap appeared and directed us to a freshly set table for four - ah that's better.

We ate our heavily laden plates with lashings of gravy and my favourite beef and horseradish sauce. The children ate most too and were comfortable here. Then we took a walk in the garden where the kids played on the play area and I locked my wife in the stocks - ah the romance.

A very straight forward, decent quality, good value Sunday lunch, just outside Darlington.


FUNNY COMMENT: FUNNY: There are old stocks in the garden if a family member is playing up.

FINAL WORD: FINAL WORD: If they spaced out the tables, had a greeter and a bar to wait for a table, it would be a gold mine. (I’m a business mentor and can’t help myself).

Reviewer would recommend Sunday Lunch near Darlington

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