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This is a new hotel in Darlington. When I say new, it’s a totally renovated Georgian building in the centre of town on a small quite side street. The hotel is located in the centre of Darlington just off the main High Row, Darlington’s High Street. Located in the ‘Imperial Quarter’ of Darlington. My initial impression was it was immaculate, absolutely immaculate.

The building is located right on the small street that runs round the back of High Row heading down towards the Dolphin Centre leisure complex. The building is the old registry office,  a typical Georgian style building. A walk from the East Coast main-line railway station.

Straightaway you can tell this building has been fully renovated, entering through the front door up the few steps you see it's immaculate inside. When I arrived it was mid-morning and therefore the staff were busying themselves vacuuming and tidying up. 

To the right is a small reception area for hotel guests, straight through and turn left you are greeted by a bar and then on your right to the rear of the building is a dining area, the bistro, with a small patio at the back.

To the front is a small seating area for coffee and tea, drinks etc. The bar is very modern, very simple and stocks local bottled beer, luxury soft drinks and serves cocktails. It doesn't have any draft beer or lager though.

The coffee that was served extremely quickly was extremely fantastic, one of the the best cup’s of coffee you shall find in town.  I was surprised to find that at 10 o'clock in the morning there were no other guests sat in the front window. This will change as the hotel has only been open since August 2013. The front looks onto the quite street; reminds me of a small London hotel in a quite part of town.  Airy with plenty of room and immaculately kept, a very nice place to be. 

Going up the stairs via the Georgian staircase (there is a lift too) its beautifully decorated, carpets trimmed with fabric and a long chandelier hanging down the middle, I couldn't resist to reach out and touch it. Clare very kindly showed me two bedrooms the best bedroom was located at the front with a super rain shower super double bed and a large roll top bath set next to the window in the bedroom at the front of the building. Personally I'm not keen on having a bath in the bedroom but this is the modern contemporary way and that's what this hotel is; extremely contemporary but not so contemporary that it affects the beautiful fabric of the Georgian building it's delightfully well-presented and I can say everything is new.

There is no parking facilities for guests though – it’s in-town so this is an in-town issue. Saying that you can park for free after 6 pm in the adjacent car park and Clare said that staff will feed the meter for you if required.

Who would stay in a hotel like this? A business traveller, not ideal for families. Bed and breakfast from £90 for a room.

As it is totally new it does lack a little atmosphere but this will develop over time. 

Great for a quite drink or coffee and comes with the necessary free Wi-Fi.

FUNNY COMMENT: I want my house decorated exactly the same.

FINAL WORD: A delightful hotel to stay in, you won’t find better presented rooms. It’s new so it will evolve over the years.

Reviewer would recommend Small quite immaculate hotel in Darlington

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