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Paul H

Category: Computers Date: 11/01/2012 Tags: Sell Mobile, Mazuma, Sell your Mobile phone


I was going to sell my old mobile phones on eBay. But I would have had to find chargers, cables and box etc. Charges are not required when selling mobile phones to Mazuma.  Also taking photos and writing a description is timely so I tried Mazuma who I saw advertising on TV.

What a doodle! (easy). I followed the process on-line and prices for phones based on serial numbers were quickly produced.  Bags to post back your old mobile phones arrived the next day. So far so good –BUT -  a friend  told me to expect a reduction in price quoted, this was not the case.   I even sent in the phones including a zero value mobile phone to be recycled- better recycled than in the office drawer or worse still in the bin. And the cheques arrived for the quoted amount within a week maybe less.

A well done to Mazuma.

FUNNY COMMENT: What they do with old mobile phones I don't know.

FINAL WORD: I was pleasantly surprised how much a drawer of old mobile phones was worth. Sell your mobiles now.

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