Pub in Gilling West, Near Richmond, North Yorkshire

Tapas with artisan breads, cheeses, wine and beer.

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Category: Recreation Date: 22/05/2014 Location: Richmond, North Yorkshire Tags: Pub, Richmond , North Yorkshire, Gilling West

White Swan - Gilling West3

The White Swan in Gilling West near Richmond, North Yorkshire is a traditional pub on the village high street. Recently gained new owners it's now you’re fighting form village pub. Fighting form? Set up ready to succeed; this pub provides tapas food, bar snacks, free newspapers, open fires and a modern version of the old drinkers country pub.

On out visit a small group of walkers came in for a reward drink. A young family sat in the window with a baby. The bar handed over a warmed bottle of milk. I remember those days. Nice to have baby service.

Tapas was artisan breads, cheeses and my wife got her mulled wine.

I'll have to check out walks in the area.

Wensleydale Ale is straw coloured ale that went down so well. Well kept. Peroni on tap too.

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FUNNY COMMENT: OK for the last time this is Richmond, North Yorkshire and not in VA or indeed in London. This is the original Richmond located in North Yorkshire.

FINAL WORD: My wife loves this pub and is always suggesting we call in for a coffee as we drive through Gilling West each Saturday on our way to Richmond. It is the new generation 'pub' where you can go for a coffee, tapas or soft drink. Very interesting what the owners are doing there.

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