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I often get people ask me if there are good parks in and around Wembley. As many of you know I run and also act as a tourist information for Wembley.

One such question which pops up time and time again is whether people can park up and have a picnic before going to watch football at Wembley.  Many familes want to avoid pricey food at the stadium.

If your travelling from West Country or Birmingam you are most likely to drive into Wembley via A40.  If this is your route, one such place I would recommend is Northala Fields which is located just off A40 in Northolt off Target round about. Its about 5 miles from Wembley and ideal to stop off for a picnic before you drive into Wembley.  There is also a café and toilets available for a comfort break! Good parking available too.

Northala Fields, is a new park and one of the most exciting and significant park developments in London for many years. Northala Fields was first opened to the public in March 2008. The new park has already won its first Green Flag.

It is one of the most innovative and eye catching sites you will notice as you drive into London.  The park was designed by landscape architect Peter fink, who came up with a solution which included the creation of four man-made hills on the south side of the A40 road, which runs along the edge of the park, to shield the main part of the park from the noise and visual pollution of the road.

The tallest mound measures 26m (84ft) high. On a clear day you can see the new Wembley Stadium arch, the Post Office Tower, and the towers of Canary Wharf on the horizon.

My daughters absolutely love this place and we go across several times a year.  I would highly recommend a visit.

Reviewer would recommend Northala Fields Park on A40

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