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Mail Online

Hey I'm loving this mail online app.

I reviewed the Guardian app recently and really grew to love that too. BUT I couldn't get over the paying a monthly fee bit. So I've been using the Mail Online app that is available from iTunes. Not as swish as the paid for app by Guardian but does be job.

Coincidentally my local newsagent cannot deliver to my house anymore due to his business growing and probably cost of fuel. I don't blame him. So this app now suits my needs.

As I mostly read at home I just sync the sections of the publication as I need, as I read. But there is an option to sync the whole days news and all sections before you leave for the day. Takes about 7 minutes.

Quick sync - For reading at home or in a WiFi area.
Full sync - For taking your 'Newspaper' with you.

Try this before buying a paid for app.


Read my Guardian app review - search on this site for Guardian.

FUNNY COMMENT: I'm so careful with money I'm using the free app first.

FINAL WORD: More people read 'newspapers' on a tablet now. Its an unstoppable revolution.

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