Locksmith, Bedfordshire, 24 hour call out.

A . Rocket Locksmith.


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Travelling Jack

Category: Business Date: 27/01/2012 Location: Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire,Buckinghamshire Tags: Locksmith, Bedfordshire,24 hour call out,double glazing windows installed,doors hung,boarding up, garage door repairs.


Sadly I came back from holiday last year and found that I had been broken into. I needed a locksmith in a hurry to make my property safe. By chance I contacted Roy Wildman , he came, out of hours and did a first class job. He gave great advice on how to improve security, balanced with  accurate information on cost. Roy is a local guy who has lived and worked in the Bedfordshire area for many years. He is a trusted police contractor, installs double glazed windows,hangs doors,boards up and repairs garage doors. I have used big lock companies in the past, who charge big prices , Roy charges a reasonable price for a quality job, coupled with a great attitude to his customers.

FUNNY COMMENT: Roy company is called A Rocket, and he will get to you in an emegency as fast as rocket...

FINAL WORD: a great local tradesman.

Reviewer would recommend Locksmith, Bedfordshire, 24 hour call out.

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