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Al Forno Italian restaurant in Darlington

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Category: Recreation Date: 10/11/2014 Location: Skinnergate, Darlington Tags: Al Forno, Italian restaurant, Darlington

Al Forno

Here is a lovely Italian restaurant in Darlington. 

Typical Italian inside in style and layout. In the American Italian influenced Italian diner like 'Franke and Benny's’ This restaurant is new to Darlington, located in the 2nd main thoroughfare called Skinnergate that runs parallel to High Northgate (Darlington’s High Street). 

Clean! Tidy and welcoming. Steps up into the front door provide nice start. The toilets are upstairs through a hallway where you can hang your coats. Additional seating upstairs and lots of it. 

We had loads of olives and bread, sun dried tomatoes, a good Carbonara and a good margarita pizza. Small glass of crisp white wine and a tall glass of Perone.

Service was super exceptional. We were treated like the Italian cousins visiting. Our children were made most welcome. But, and this is a funny but; the service was a bit too often. We were talking and asked if we would like to order deserts twice. 

Lasagne was an 8/10 which is decent. At £8 thats fine.

You can park on Skinnergate at night time, accessed by Duke St. Limited spaces though. Otherwise park anywhere in town and walk in. 

I'm going again for cocktails and maybe steak night. 


ADDITION: Called into the cocktail bar on Friday. It’s downstairs - walk through the restaurant to the back and down the stairs. Also; a secret entrance accessed down the side alley of the restaurant. Very smart and all new. Service is 'bedding-in.' about £6 per cocktail - worth a look in. I can imagine it fills up very quickly as it’s so small.


FUNNY COMMENT: Service too good.

FINAL WORD: Good job guys. We love you.

Reviewer would recommend Italian restaurant Darlington

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Its - a - good! Foffano's is a small, yet stylish restaurant in a good location in the centre of Darlington. Located in the Market square; right in the heart of Darlington town centre. The owners Stefano & Emma Foffano aim to create a mediterranean atmosphere.
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