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Category: Recreation Date: 30/04/2013 Location: Caldwell Tags: Pub food, Darlington, Caldwell

Brownlow Arms

If, like me, you like a traditional pub and you like good pub food this pub is worth a little drive out to the country. The Brownlow Arms is well known locally and by the slightly more adventurous Darlinton residents as a consistently decent food pub. The proprietors have operated a number of pubs in this area for some ten years. Settled now in the pretty village of Caldwell for at least five years. I know I'm going to get decent pub food at any visit.

It gets busy at early bird times and is popular with drinkers later on, say 9 pm. We like to go early to get a good table. May I suggest you book a table in advance to be seated near the fire. Last time I went all, yes all, the best tables were reserved. The Brownlow Arms don't allow the pub to over fill - experience speaking.

Huge selection of inventive and interesting meals. Always hearty portions with real ales, Guinness at the bar and a crackling open fire most nights in the dining areas, there are three. This is a modern country pub. A good night always to be had. Early bird 5.30 to 7 which is really popular. All but one table was booked last time. It seems people operate as a herd, most arrive just before 7 to catch early bird and tip out at 8-9.

We arrived early on purpose to dodge the crowds.

Not cheap like bar food was in the 'olden days' but this really is good food. The chef, a lady, slaves away to produce the piping hot food, I don't know how she does it.

Music is a little transistor radio sounding, lite in the background, maybe some smooth backgroud music like on the website will be good.  Drinks service much improved. The gentleman looked after us very well although he has a grumpy reputation. 

Lots if cat ornaments, dolls and other adornments. Fake flowers adds a kitsch feel.

I brought my American friends here. It's a British proper pub that has moved with the times. Great food. Commend the chef. The Americans loved it.

Newspapers on the bar. I like that. 

FUNNY COMMENT: Barman can be grumpy.

FINAL WORD: Consistant with a wide selection of pub food. Comfortable traditional pub in the country.

Reviewer would recommend Good Pub Food near Darlington

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