Advertising Programmes

Our review readers have landed on a page because they want to read the content, the content interests them and it was written by a like minded person.  So a sponsor on this page will do well, add a deal or coupon for the reader and it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. In addition to this we stimulate interestst in the article by tweeting and linking to the page using Internet technologies to find related stories. Our advertisers will see a measurable increase in specific visitors to the site and the premises.

Get more customers for your business: Advertise to people reading articles, people who are actively looking for information about your products and services. Draw targeted people into your site using our streamlined process to deliver interested customers. Power it up with a full article page with PR and a coupon. Totally measurable at a low cost.

No set up fees.

Free advice, max you're advertising spend.

Free edits and changes.

Free marketing advice.

Low spend.

Highly targeted.

Advertise or add a coupon to an article page - Exclusively advertise your products and services with a direct link to a specific page on your site. Or we will build a page for you.

To advertise on a review page you simply find a page you want to sponsor, ccontact us and we will advise and build the campaign. Order now -  Don’t worry about getting it right first time as ALL text can be changed anytime and we will advise.

Clicks on your advert will go to your specified page. If you are not sure about your text or where to direct the visitors just complete as best you can and an adviser will get back to you. Your advert text can be changed at anytime with help from our advisers.

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