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We have all heard of ‘Word of Mouth’...


ReVKoo deliver Impartial, relevant and accurate reviews just like a ‘Word of Mouth’ recomendation.


We at reVKoo provide personal reviews on any product or service in the world. Our reviewers are hand picked individuals who want to add their experiences for the world to read, help you in your buying decision as a friend would.


Before you buy, book, hire or obligate to pretty much anything you look for feedback from someone who has been there done that. Even better when you trust and respect the person. Here at reVKoo you can get to know our reviewers by reading their reviews and reading their profiles. Our reviewers produce word of mouth reviews, they are people you can trust and get to know. ‘Word of Mouth’ on the web.


Get involved; you can request a review on something here, or even add you comments on an already published review or  suggest a brand new review for our consideration here.


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‘Word of Mouth’