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18-03-2013 15:38 by Mr reVKoo

– tell it as it is with a bit of humor…

A great tool for hotel booking on-line. At some point you have to take that leap of faith when booking a hotel. reVKoo take the chance out of it… reVKoo have visited the hotel and done the ground work for you. Our articles include all you need to know about the hotel and the surrounding area, tips on where to go, where not to go and even comments on the moods of staff!  “The barman was a bit grumpy but his ale was good – we forgive him”.


A word of mouth recommendation is highly valued.

The website of is the result of a long time desire to produce word of mouth articles and reviews of hotels that are not faceless and read just like a person talking about their experiences. reVKoo have reproduced this on-line by writing constructively and critically bio of the reviewer so you know if you want to trust him or her. Just like real word of mouth recommendations the streanth depends on the person who is saying what they say; with reVKoo, you know.

Customer service.

Customer service in the UK is poor. reVKoo look for great customer service and will openly comment on their findings. We even can include a little direction as to how the service can be improved. Whether is a suggested better welcome or faster table service – we will say what we think.


Bad reviews.

Will we publish bad reviews? No. If a hotel is really bad, it will not be published. We may choose to not recommend but will always state why and the hotel can request a fresh review/ re-visit anytime through the site.

Here’s to good information for the hotel goers in the UK.


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