Yorkshire set to be the 2nd most popular holiday zone 2015

13-08-2014 10:23 by Mr reVKoo

Boosted by worldwide exposure of the Tour de France

Yorkshire is set to be the 2nd most popular holiday zone 2015. The Lake District had been number one. Visit hits from Australia, Brazil, South Africa, USA and Europe have shown a marked increase in interest in the county of Yorkshire over taking Cornwall and Wales. London classed as a city break is still world-wide UK number one, country holiday makers are looking towards Yorkshire. The Tour de France was watched by

The Tour de France is a cycling event which covers over 2100 miles in 21 flat, mountainous and time-trial stages. This year's Tour de France began in Yorkshire on Saturday, July 5, and ended in Paris on Sunday, July 27. A worldwide television audience of 3.5billion people watch the Tour de France. Powerful media exposure for Yorkshire.
And on the day the sun did shine and the people turned out to even the remote parts of Yorkshire, parts not trodden for some time I expect.

Francious Bazious from Brazil said; I had no idea England had such a landscape. I’m a happy hill climber and nature loving person therefore Yorkshire seen on TV was an inspiration for me to visit on our holiday.

The atmosphere in Yorkshire holiday zones will change in the coming ywears, investment will grom the hotel and other accommodation facilities in the region from within and the spend will go mainly to independant accommodation businesses. Book your hotel early, come and enjoy Englands home of the heart.

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